Mystery Destination
Priya Jessica, let's get you to a game...

Your Flights

Departure - Fri, 23 Feb 2024 at approx 12:30pm from London Stansted

Return - Sun, 25 Feb 2024 at approx 12pm to London Gatwick

Flight time - 2h approx

Your City

You wanted: quality local food and drink & nightlife and partying

Food & drink: if the city's already vast array of bar & restaurant options aren't enough for you, book yourself onto a half-day tour of a vineyard for some wine tasting or a city-based food tour (we'll provide these recommendations in your Travel Kit!)

Nightlife & Partying: the real place for booming nightlife is on the coast, just 10 km from the city, where the most famous discos are located. Your destination does, however, boast some decent places to listen to live music and dance

Expected weather: highs/lows of 13° / 2° in your month of travel

Mystery Destination
Any ideas yet?

This local tourist attraction may help...

Football Club Badge

Your Stay

Type: 3* Hotel

Room: Double Or Twin Superior (you can choose later!), Breakfast Included

TripAdvisor: 4.5 stars (1,515 Reviews)

Distance from the ground: it's round the corner - just a 15m walk! If you'd prefer to take a cab, it'd be 5 minutes

Other: we're sorry that you're preference of an apartment wasn't possible here, but this is a gem of a place. Right in the centre of town - you're only 5 minutes from the main tourist attraction

Your Fixture

You wanted: a unique stadium & a title challenger

Opponent Head-to-Head: 1 home wins, 7 draws, 3 away wins

Stadium capacity: 25,000

Info: without doubt it's unique - with no seats (and no frills) it's definitely a throwback. You can also walk into the stadium and look around for free on non-match days

The away team is in a tight race for promotion to the first division and looking to bag the title - it should make for a great atmosphere!

Mystery Destination
Guessed the team?

Hopefully not, but here's Becks tripping up one of their former players anyway...

Football Club Badge

Your Price

Total Price: £229 p/p (£21 under your max £250 p/p budget)

Deposit Required: £45.80 p/p (£91.60 total)

Remaining Balance Due: 16/02/2024

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