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Your Flights

Departure - Friday, 26 April 2024 at approx 10:00 AM from London Heathrow

Return - Monday, 29 April 2024 at approx 11:00 AM to London Gatwick

Flight time - 2.5h approx

Your City

You want: quality food and drink & nightlife and partying

Quality food and drink: the city is a sprawling metropolis, so it has something for every palate. It's a food lover’s city, and even with up to six meals a day - as the locals often eat - that’s still not enough time to truly grasp all that’s on offer, but you can try!

Nightlife and partying: this is one of the country's best cities for nightlife, if not the best. From iconic beach clubs and cosy bars to uber fancy uptown clubs and boat parties, there's something for every party goer. And as with everything in this culture, even nightlife begins late into the night


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What is my baggage allowance?

Your Plan includes one small carry-on bag (40cm x 20cm x 25cm) as standard, unless otherwise stated.

If you require additional luggage, we offer the following options:

£70 per person for a large carry-on bag (up to 10kg);

£80 per person for a checked bag (up to 20kg)

These prices reflect airline charges, and we do not take any commission on these additions.

Alternatively, we can provide the Lead Passenger with flight booking details in advance so they can customise the baggage closer to the departure date.

You can choose to enquire about additional baggage now, or we can assist with arrangements at any time before your departure.

Will I have enough time to get to the game?

Yes, you'll have ample time to enjoy the football game without feeling rushed.

Your flight will arrive or depart at least 4 hours before Kick-Off or after Full-Time, ensuring you have plenty of time to navigate any unexpected delays or traffic. However, in most cases, your time buffer will be even longer than this, allowing you to relax and soak up the atmosphere.

Rest assured, we'll include detailed directions to the stadium in your Travel Kit, and we always prioritise your logistics and comfort when making bookings.

How will I know what to pack?

Rest assured, our team will tailor your Travel Kit to your destination and preferences. Whether it's beachwear for sunny days, raincoats for inclement weather, or shorts for warm climates, we've got you covered.

You'll receive your personalised Travel Kit one week before you depart, complete with all the information you'll need, including expected weather forecasts

Mystery Destination
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Football Club Badge

Your Stay

Type: Hostel

Room: 3 Beds in a 6 Bed Mixed Dorm. Breakfast included

TripAdvisor: 9.2/10 (7,532 Reviews)

Your Fixture

You want: the atmosphere in the ground

The atmosphere in the ground: whilst their current home is being reconstructed, this season's stadium isn't their usual one. Still offering up one of the best atmospheres in the league, however, a picturesque walk and city views from where this temporary stadium is located are an added bonus

Stadium capacity:


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Can I arrange transfers to/from the airport?

Yes, in most cases, we can arrange private transfers to/from the airport for an additional cost.

Alternatively, if you prefer to make your own way to your accommodation, we provide guidance for this in your digital Travel Kit.

You can choose to enquire about arranging private transfers now, or we can add them at any point before your departure.

Our aim is to provide you with flexibility and convenience throughout your travel experience.

How far away will the stadium be from my accommodation?

In all cases we'll either situate your accommodate nearby the ground or in the centre of the town/city, nearby some local hotspots

You'll never be further than an hour from the ground (in most cases you'll be much closer!) and we'll always use our best judgement based on your preferences from the survey response

We book your trips as if they're are own. If you ever have any questions or then please reach out to us

How do I get to/from the ground?

We'll include all necessary transportation information in your Travel Kit, including details on how to get to and from the ground.

Additionally, any safety information relevant to the fixture will be provided to ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable experience.

You'll receive directions via public transport routes, taxi services and walking directions. We'll make sure you have everything you need for hassle-free journey to/from the game.

Mystery Destination
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Your Price

Total Price: £375p/p (£1,125 for 3 pax)

20% Deposit: £75p/p (£225 for 3 pax)

Remaining Balance Due: 19/04/2024


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