Mystery Destination
Damon, let's get you to a game...

Your Flights

Departure - Sat, 2 Mar 2024 at approx 8.30am from London Stansted

Return - Mon, 4 Mar 2024 at approx 4.30pm to London Stansted

Flight time - 2h approx

Your City

You wanted: quality local food and drink & a beach and/or seaside town

Food & Drinks: there's local food and wine in this spot to match the view, and you’ll find award-winning restaurants a short walk from your accommodation. For more budget-friendly options, there are pubs, pizzerias and burger joints with the same stunning views (we'll provide recommendation in your Travel Kit!)

The "seaside": okay, this isn't quite the seaside, but you'll see when you arrive why we've handpicked this destination and fixture for you - it's as relaxing and glamorous as any beach, anywhere. It is still February, however, so be sure to wrap up

Expected weather: highs / lows of 11° / 5° in your month of travel

Mystery Destination
Any ideas yet?

Here's a look at where you'll be spending some of your time...

Football Club Badge

Your Stay

Type: 3* Hotel

Room: Single Superior for 1 Adult, Breakfast Included

TripAdvisor: 4 stars (366 Reviews)

Distance from the ground: you couldn't be closer - it's just one block away!

Your Fixture

You wanted: an atmosphere in the ground & a unique stadium

Opponent head-to-head: 3 home wins, 3 draws, 4 away wins

Stadium capacity: 13,500

Info: it's a belter of a stadium and the club markets itself as the most beautiful place to watch the beautiful game (and they're probably right). The opponents are 2nd in the league and the home team sit in 3rd; both are fighting for promotion, so it's bound to be a great atmosphere

Mystery Destination
Guessed the team?

Here's a notable former player making an assit in the Premier League...

Football Club Badge

Your Price

Total Price: £299 (£76 under your max £375 p/p budget)

20% Deposit: £59.80

Remaining Balance Due: 24/02/2024

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