Mystery Destination
J D, let's get you to a game...

Your Flights

Departure - Fri, 17 Feb 2024 at approx 7am from London Gatwick

Return - Sun, 18 Feb 2024 at approx 7pm to London Gatwick

Flight time - 2.5-3h

Your City

You wanted: museums and culture & quality local food and drink

The culture: artisans and scholars have been gravitating towards this city for hundreds of years. Whether you're into archeology, art or history, this city has a wealth of museums for you to delve into

Food & Drink: one of the most famous types of food in the world was invented in this city. We'll stop there before we give it away...

Expected weather: highs/lows of 14°/ 6° in your month of travel

Mystery Destination
Any ideas yet?

Here's a little look into one of its most famous streets...

Football Club Badge

Your Stay

Type: 4* Hotel

Room: Double Or Twin Superior (you can choose later!), Breakfast Included

TripAdvisor: 4.5 stars (1,515 Reviews)

Distance from the ground: 3m (2 stops) on a bus, or a 30m walk

Other: we've gone with proximity to the ground over a central city location as it's a one-night stay. The area is full of restaurants selling their famous local cuisine; if you choose to go to the centre, you're only 50 metres from a train which takes you there in 12 minutes

Your Fixture

You wanted: a unique stadium & the pre-match buzz and getting to know the locals

Head to Head: 19 home wins, 12 draws, 9 away wins

Stadium capacity: 55,000

Info: it's a belter of a stadium and the fans match it with their passion. The home team's won 3 domestic titles and 6 domestic cups. They've had brief success in Europe too, with one UEFA Cup victory. You'll be staying close by the stadium and will be able to soak up the atmosphere from when you arrive

Mystery Destination
Guessed the team?

Hopefully not, but this look at their all-time top goalscorer may help...

Football Club Badge

Your Price

Total Price: £325 p/p (£175 under your max £500 p/p budget)

Deposit Required: £65 p/p (£130 total)

Remaining Balance Due: 10/02/2024

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