Mystery Destination
Will, let's get you to a game...

Your Flights

Departure - Fri, 16 Feb 2024 at approx 9.30am from London Luton

Return - Sun, 18 Feb 2024 at approx 5.30pm to London Luton

Flight time - 2.5-3h

Your City

You wanted: a beach and/or seaside town & quality local food and drink

The seaside: there's a lively coastal scene on the edge of this city, with vibrant buildings and bustling markets, framed by a backdrop of a world-famous majestic peak

Food & Drink: this city revolves around food and the cuisine comes with no frills and lots of history. It's the birthplace of one of the most famous dishes in the world, and along with plenty of other homegrown grub, it helps make it a must for any food loving footy fan

There are historic cafes, neighbourhood eateries and iconic bars to visit that will be included in your Travel Kit!

Expected weather: highs / lows of 14° / 6° in your month of travel

Mystery Destination
Any ideas yet?

Here's a look at where you could be spending the Friday evening...

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Your Stay

Type: 4* Hotel

Rooms: 1 x Double Room (1 double bed) and 1x Twin Room (2 single beds)

TripAdvisor: 4.5 stars (1,403 Reviews)

Distance from the ground: it's a 20m metro from the central station (a 15m walk from the hotel), or a 30m bus from outside the hotel

Other: you'll be on the edge of the historical centre of the city, a stone's throw from tourist attractions and an abundance of bars and restaurants. We'll provide tips for where to go in your Travel Kit!

Your Fixture

You wanted: atmosphere in the ground and a unique stadium & a pre-match buzz and getting to know the locals

Head to Head: 15 home wins, 7 draws, 5 away wins

Stadium capacity: 55,000

The locals & atmosphere: everywhere you go you in this city you'll see the their scarves and flags. The entire city supports this one team and you'll be bound to feel that on a match day. The ground itself has seen better days and isn't the most spectacular piece of architecture, but the atmosphere is the best in the country on its day

Mystery Destination
Guessed the team?

Hopefully not, but their all-time leading goalscorer may help...

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Your Price

Total Price: £325p/p (£975 for 3 pax)

Deposit Required: £65p/p (£195 for 3 pax)

Remaining Balance Due: 09/02/2024

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