Mystery Destination
Amy, let's get you to a game...

Your Flights

Departure - Sat, 10 Feb 2024 at approx 3pm from London Heathrow

Return - Mon, 12 Feb 2024 at approx 1pm to London Gatwick

Flight time - 2-2.5h approx

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What is my baggage allowance?

The price in Your Plan includes one small carry-on bag (40cm x 20cm x 25cm) unless otherwise stated.

We can add additional luggage as follows:

£70p/p for a large carry-on bag (10kg) or £80p/p for a checked bag (20kg). These are based on airlines' charges and we do not take any commission from these additions.

Alternatively, we can provide the Lead Passenger with the flight booking details in advance of the trip so they can add customised baggage as they see fit nearer the time.

You can choose to enquire about additional baggage now, or we can arrange this at any point before you leave.

Will I have enough time to get to the game?

Yes. It's likely that you'll have ample time either side of the game, but at a minimum you will arrive or depart 4 hours either side of Kick-Off or Full-Time.

We'll always include directions in your Travel Kit and keep your logistics and comfort in mind when placing bookings.

Your City

You wanted: quality local food and drink & museums and culture

Food & Drink: food in this ancient city is defined by the region's slightly cooler temperatures and what was historically peasant food. Several dishes, like a certain bread salad you may know, were invented as ways to reuse old food. As for the wine, it's one of the most famous wine regions in the world - we won't go any further before we give it away

Museums & Culture: the majority of the big-name museums are located in the historical centre (you’ve probably heard of them before!). After stepping into any of these venues, you'll be surrounded by art of such magnitude you feel tiny in comparison. It's a must-see city for any culture-buff, and the footy team isn't bad either!

Expected weather: highs/lows of 12° / 3° in your month of travel

Mystery Destination
Any ideas yet?

This view over the city's famous bridge may help...

Football Club Badge

Your Stay

Type: 4* Hotel

Room: Double Room for 2 Adults

TripAdvisor: 4 stars (1,536 Reviews)

Distance to the ground: 10m taxi, 20m on a bus or a 45m walk (if you can, you'll want to - this is a beautiful city!)

Location: this hotel's in the historical centre of the city, with many of the city's sights, like the world-famous cathedral, museums and historical monuments just steps away from your door. You're also close to plenty of bars, restaurants, shops and entertainment (we'll provide recommendations in your Travel Kit!)

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Can I arrange transfers to/from the airport?

Yes, in most cases we can add private transfers to/from the airport at an additional cost.

Should you wish to make your own way to your accommodation, we offer this guidance in your digital Travel Kit.

You can choose to enquire about arranging private transfers now, or we can add them at any point before you leave.

How do I get to/from the ground?

You should be able to see the distance to the ground in Your Stay within this plan.

We'll also include this information in your Travel Kit, alongside any necessary safety information that we feel you should be aware of for the given fixture.

Your Fixture

You wanted: an atmosphere in the ground & the pre-match buzz and getting to know the locals

Head to Head: 1 home wins, 3 draws, 1 away wins

Stadium capacity: 43,000

The atmosphere: this club has a very passionate support. Mainly housed in their north curve, the ultras ensure that there's rarely a dull day at the stadium regardless of the game in question. The home team is chasing a Champions League place and the away team is fighting for survival at the bottom of the table, so it's bound to create a great atmosphere!

The locals: the simplest way to get to the stadium is to walk; it’s just over a mile from the city’s historic centre, and it's a flat and safe stroll through the streets, where closer to the stadium you’ll start to see street vendors selling food. Here, their pre-match snack of choice is a spicy sausage, or for the more adventurous a sandwich “made from the fourth and final stomach of a cow” ....

Mystery Destination
Guessed the team?

Hopefully not, but here's a photo with their all-time leading goalscorer to help you...

Football Club Badge

Your Price

Total Price: £375p/p (£750 total for 2 pax)

20% Deposit: £75p/p (£150 total for 2 pax)

Remaining Balance Due: 03/02/2024

Your peace of mind is important to us.

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