Your Trip

How We Choose Your Destination

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At City Break FC, we take into account your preferences, including:

  • Your preferred travel dates
  • Your budget
  • Your favorite football team
  • Your preferred style of accommodation
  • The type of football experience you are looking for

Our team of expert travel operators will then carefully select the best football match and destination for you based on your preferences. We may send you to see a top-flight team in Europe, or we may suggest a lesser-known team if we think it matches your preferences and there's an interesting fixture coming up.

What You Can Expect

Once we've chosen your destination, you'll receive a tailored travel plan that includes:

  • Flights to your destination
  • Accommodation
  • Tickets to a football match
  • Additional activities and recommendations based on your preferences

Your destination will be a surprise and revealed 48 hours prior to departure.